Paalam na sa Edwin, Amante


     Kalau anda peminat setia Until Forever yang disiarkan setiap hari Isnin - Jumaat, pasti kalian dah tahu yang cerita adaptasi novel itu telah pun tamat siarannya pada Isnin yang lalu. Drama lakonan JC de Vera bersama Heart Evangelista. Tak payahla nak sinopsis segala bagai erk.. Malas nak story tapi kalau kalian peminat setia Until Forever yang duk rakam PVR mcm Shiraz pastu main ulang-ulang 2-3 kali , pastinya korang akan rasa kosong dekat Astro Bella tu... Dah xderk lagi suara si promote " Ayra yang baru pulang dari Amerika terkejut dengan pelantikan pekerja ladangnya di Hasienda Noche dan bla bla bla" Dah xderk suara Edwin Torres yang memanggil-manggil nama Ayra... Hmm....

SynopsisThe story begins in Hacienda Noche where Ayra Noche (Heart Evangelista) and Edwin Torres (JC De Vera) are best friends. Later on, they develop a love relationship. When Ayra's father, Don Artemio (Charlie Davao) finds out about this, the two are separated and Don Artemyo forced Ayra to move to United States. When Ayra returns, she finds out that Don Artemyo died and Ayra's brother, Ronald (Luis Alandy) blames Edwin for it. Ayra listens to Ronald. Ayra also finds out that Edwin became the new owner of Hacienda Noche after Don Artemyo's death. Ayra and Edwin become big time rivals. Ayra wants the Hacienda back but Edwin says no. What makes this really worse is that Edwin has a new girlfriend named Donna Benitez (Arci Munoz). Donna feels hatred for Ayra and comes up with schemes for Ayra and Edwin. But soon, Edwin tricks Ayra into loving him. They both ended up marrying each other.
Will Ayra and Edwin survive the trouble heading to their way? Will Ayra and Edwin love each other with the Evil Donna around?
FinaleIn the last few episodes of Ngayon At Kailanman, Mang Vener (Pen Medina) kidnaps Ayra and Donna. Then, Mang Vener burned Ayra's face and he had his henchman rape Donna. After that, Donna loses her memory and started to act like a child. meanwhile, Mag Vener's henchman kidnaps Ronald. Then, Mang Vener forced Ronald where he put the money from the vault in Hacienda Noche. Ronald says it and Mang Vener hurts him with a big stick. Then, the police arrested Mang Vener's henchman and Edwin forced the lead henchman to say where is his father, Mang Vener. Edwin and Ayra's husband, Rafa (Bernard Palanca) headed there. Meanwhile, Ayra and Donna escaped from Mang Vener's henchman. Then, Mang vener's henchman told Vener that Ayra and Donna escaped. Mang Vener got his big gun and headed outside. Then, Ronald kills Mang Vener's henchman and escaped. Meanwhile, Mang Vener sees the two and fired gun shots but it did not hit them. In the other side of the field, Ronald and Rafa pointed a gun to each other. They both had a gun fight. The gun fight ended tragically when Ronald kills Rafa. Ayra's mother, Melissa (Yayo Aguila) grief over the death of Rafa. Then, Ronald gets re-arrested. Meanwhile, Mang Vener found Donna but she escaped. Then, Edwin sees Mang Vener and pointed guns at each other. Then, Mang Vener punched Edwin to sleep. Then, Ayra comes and Mang Vener points a gun at her. But Donna injured Mang Vener with a stick but she got his gun and shot Ayra in the arm. Donna was about to fire another shot but there was no more shots in the gun. Then, Donna buries Ayra in leaves. Few minutes later, Edwin finds Donna. She was taken to the hospital due to her weird actions. Then, Edwin found Ayra and she was sent to the hospital. Ayra almost died in the hospital but she was saved magically.Ayra wakes up and Edwin tells her that Rafa is dead. Ayra gets mad at Edwin. Ayra was released shortly after. Meanwhile, Donna's aunt, Tita Inya (Dexter Doria) sends her to a Mental Hospital. But, Donna killed the nurse who served her and escaped. Donna killed a woman wearing a fairy costume. Then, Donna went to the park and kidnapped Rafa's daughter, Sabrina (Angeli Niclole Sanoy). Donna put Sabrina in ropes. Edwin tells Ayra that he is leaving for Australia. Ayra does not care about Edwin. Before Edwin went to the airport, Tita Inya appears and tells Edwin that Donna escaped from the Mental Hospital. Edwin says he must find Donna before he goes to Australia. Meanwhile, Ronald escapes from prison and went to Ayra. He begged Ayra for "forgiveness" and he said sorry what he had done to her. Later, Donna goes into Ayra's house and almost killed her with a knife but Ronald saved Ayra and he got injured. Ayra then realized that Donna kidnapped Sabrina. Then, Ayra says to Ronald that they must find Sabrina. Ronald said to Ayra to go with him to look for Sabrina. In the car, Ronald reveals to Ayra that he was pretending to be nice. Ronald says that he will kill her with a poison spray. He sprayed the poison but Ayra escaped before she got poisoned. Then, Ayra runs with Ronald after her with a gun. Ronald catches Ayra and he was about to kill her with a gun but a miracle happened. The police appeared and killed Ronald. Ronald dies.
Days later, Edwin goes to Donna's "secret hideaway". Edwin is pretending that he does not know Donna. Donna showed Edwin the house. Edwin asked Donna where is Sabrina. But Donna injured Edwin with a knife, she tied up a rope to Edwin and she was about to kill him, but the police came. Edwin was saved. Tita Inya tells the police to watch Donna until they find Sabrina. Ayra and Edwin team up to look for Sabrina. They found Sabrina in a small hill tied up in a rope. Meanwhile, Donna escapes from a window in the bathroom. Donna sees Ayra and kidnaps her. Donna was about to kill Ayra with a gun but Edwin came and killed Donna with his gun. Donna dies.
Three months later, Ayra gets her face back. Edwin and a nicer Mang Vener went to Australia. Edwin says to Vener that he really misses Ayra. Mang Vener tells Edwin that they should go back to the Philippines and look for Ayra. Edwin and Mang Vener returned and saw Ayra. Edwin tells Ayra that he loves her very much and he wants Ayra to marry him. Edwin also told Ayra that Mang Vener is a good guy now and that he does not hurt people. Ayra said yes to Edwin's offer to get married. In the end, Ayra and Edwin finally got re-married and they lived happily ever after.



Heart Evangelista - Ayra Noche Vera - Edwin Torres

Arci  Munoz - Donna Benitez

Luis Alandy - Ronald Noche

Dion Ignacio - Dags

Benard Palanca - Raffa

Habis satu babab drama yang menyedihkan ditamatkan.. Kalau ada yang menonton Mara Clara, hari ney pun episod terakhir. Dah takde dah marah-marah dekat Gary... Geram dekat Clara... Hmm... Sadis betul la...

SynopsisThe story is about two girls that were switched at birth. One girl was named Mara, and she grew up as a nice, intelligent, sweet, down-to-earth but a very poor young lady. The other girl was named Clara, a mean, spoiled, intelligent, but a very rich young lady. They both went to the same school and became very close friends. Then Clara thought Mara was just being friends with her because she thinks Mara is trying to steal everything away from her. Then Clara starts to hate Mara fully as a form of revenge and makes Mara's life miserable. They do not know that Clara was supposed to be Mara, and Mara was supposed to be Clara, which means Mara was supposed to be the prosperous one and Clara was supposed to be the impoverished one. Will Mara and Clara ever find out who they really are?


Kathryn Bernardo - Mara De Valle

Julia Montes - Clara David

Mylene Dizon - Susan

Jhong Hilario - Gary 

Dimple Romana - Alvira

Bobby Andrews - Amante

Albie Casino - Christian

Diego Loyzaga - Derrick

Tamat dah fenomena Phillippine yang Shiraz dengan mama duk hadap hari-hari... Sekurang-kurangnya cerita Until Forever dan Mara Clara ney tak la berbelit-belit macam cerita Nada Cinta tu...  5 bintang untuk kedua-dua drama ney...