My Heart Is Calling You.....

Smile a little more
With a happy smile
So that you can comfort my heart
That keep looking for you
Smile a little more
So that the world would be jealous
So that my heart keeps calling for you
Would not be able to become greedy
My heart curses at me,because i cant even say i love you
My tears burst, because my longing for you flows and flows
Only that sad phrase has been struck to my throat like a thorn
And remain in my ears the whole day
Why does it have to be you
Even if i shake my head deny it
I cant let you go
I love you, i love you forever
Even if you dont look at me
Even if i say it a thousand time you dont know
Even if i wait at the same spot you dont know
My foolish love the simply look at you like an idiot
You dont know no matter what