Ini blog pertama aku ke?

Which certainly is not. This is the third blog I am. The others I have to toss in the trash. Why? Reasons, want the new update. What is more refreshing ... More full of sorrow like the new story. I have asked what the pleasure in writing this blog. I own are not sure. But, what I know. Before we know with our information technology is much writing in a book called 'Diary'. Simply, the difference in the diary first refuge we had to book the best possible even in the diary that have gembiranya story. But, because many secrets of the truth, we had to keep safe. With this blog is, the secret is considered private or public can be either friend or require people read what we write it. More fun with the blog.
Hmm .... yesterday there anyone who watched 'sehati berdansa'. Yesterday was a decision I expected to see Nana and Sein announced as the winner. What reason? First, I was interested Sein and Nana from the beginning they engage in the art world. Sein during a group member Ruffedge, and Nana in reality Mentor. Nana time in the show, I already started voting her. So, there is no reason I do not vote them. The second reason, Nana began to reveal changes in the dance. She began organizing dance move earnestly although many times show Nana bristle Sein .. However, when all know in any stressful situation may be.
The second story is interesting about Scha Al-Yahya detained by police in a night club in Bukit Bintang with Awaluddin Ashaari. Although proven Scha negative drug but as a fan of some sad news for fans who support her for this. I am sad to see Scha in the news .. Seems like someone I might not sabotage her but because in reality there are really Scha. Now I began to feel doubtful of Scha. Whether I should continue to support her or not. But, as fans have a responsibility to continue to support me even though he Scha even in difficult circumstances.